Submission Season is Upon Us

EditingAs promised, here are a couple of resources to utilize to find contests and their deadlines.  While some screenwriting contests are just beginning (Nicholl, PAGE, and Scriptapalooza), others are nearing their end (Cinestory, Creative World Awards, and Bluecat is already closed).  I have updated my Calendar of Events page to highlight screenwriting contests in particular, and by no means is this a complete list, but they are among some of the more notable ones.

Also, here is a link on writing loglines that you may find helpful.

Aerogramme Writers’ Studio has put together the following list to highlight those events coming up in February and March many of which are open to both experienced and novice writers alike.

If you know of any great contests and would like to share them, please leave me the info in the comments and I’ll be sure to add them to the list!

So let’s get crackin’!  Let’s get our work in order and show them what we’re made of! 😉

Happy Sunday!


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