Helpful Tips for Screenwriters


I’m trying to get caught up on the dozens of emails I’ve been putting off and came upon the following useful advice.

In an effort to stay positive and prepare for the hopeful result from one of the contests I’ve entered,  I’m taking the timely articles as a sign.  🙂  Both articles come from the helpful site (and book) Good in a Room by Stephanie Palmer.

The first is an article about questions you should be prepared to answer if you find yourself in a meeting, referred to as your Answerbank.  Just like an interview, you need to be prepared in order to continue forward.  Knowing what types of questions to be prepared for is extremely helpful for us newbies.

The second article is in regards to pitching.  Perhaps you’re in that room, things are going well, and they ask the question all screenwriters are taught to expect, “What else have you got?”  If you’ve made it this far you don’t want to blow it now, you want to be able to share your other ideas easily and seal the deal (or maybe deal number 2).  The tips come from screenwriting guru Blake Snyder who wrote the Save the Cat series.  I like his books – there’s useful advice and tips for making your story stronger.

If you’ve found some interesting, helpful advice feel free to share!

Happy Sunday!


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