Quote Monday

After last week’s post, I sort of went on a mental holiday.  As a favor, a friend of mine let me borrow his XBox One.  For those of you who know of my love for the Dragon Age series, you can imagine my excitement at finally getting to play the DLCs.  More on that later.  When people let you borrow their things, regardless of their reassurances that you may keep said item(s) for an extended period of time, you don’t want to take advantage, and so I played Dragon Age like a crack-addled crazy person without a care in the world.  Translation: I played a lot, for days on end.

It’s easy to get lost in such an immersive world where your decisions seem to matter.  Whereas in life, you may be struggling and feeling insignificant, in my gamer life I was reunited with old friends, stopped an invasion, slayed two dragons, and even got married. 😉  Not a bad week.

In real life, I still haven’t had a single response to any of the applications I’ve submitted for a new job, I had a few rotten shifts which in turn caused me to have to borrow money to pay rent and buy food, and I mistakenly received a text from my boss, clearly meant for someone else, in which she insulted me.  Real life sucks sometimes.WhereFocusGoes

And that’s why we have to get up, brush ourselves off, and kick reality in the teeth!  This may be the pre-birthday doldrums talking, but I want my life to not be…this.  If I were in a princess movie, the handsome prince (who happens to look like Tom Hiddleston) would be riding up on his white steed to save me The Oddsright about now, but as we all know, life is hardly a fairy tale, and we have to make our own future.

Both of these quotes spoke to me this week because I have been focusing on the wrong things and worrying about the future of my career.  I was doing really well on the new schedule, focused and determined, but something threw me off course and now is the time to correct that.

If you’ve made big changes, I’d love to hear your story; how you did it, and if you found the result you were seeking.

Have a great week!



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