Quote Monday (on a Tuesday)

I’m not really sure what happened to last week.  I was here.  I was up and mobile, but somehow, my computer remained in a dormant state.  The room which houses it remained dark and almost imperceptible – like that thing you see out of the corner of your eye, and yet when you turn to view it fully, it disappears.  My office was sort of like that, evidently.

And here I am, starting the new week off a day late.  Sheesh.  I think there’s an actual medical term for the state of permanent behind-ness.  If there’s not, there will be one soon, and Marek will be somewhere embedded within that 10-syllable phrase with a picture beside it of me rolling my eyes.  Maybe it will be slightly blurred from me shaking my head…I sometimes like to think it’s Fate’s way of keeping me out of harm’s way.  Eh, it’s as good an explanation as any, I suppose.


Along our journey, we may find it hard not to compare our lives with other, sometimes more successful, or more put together, counterparts.  In turn, there are those who may not grasp what it is we’re chasing.  The above quote is a great reminder that we each have our own path (but may be a little late in getting there).

Don’t let the naysayers derail you from what you truly want to do.  Dream big!

Have a great week!


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