Writing Prompt #79

As many of you are aware by now, I have a “thing” for lost worlds, history, etc. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to ruins and abandoned places and things.

Forget the obvious.  What does this image say to you?


Are you inspired to join me in this week’s Writing Prompt Challenge?

Happy Writing!


8 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #79

  1. A scenery so beautiful, that has become lost over time, it hides many stories of those who walked it’s path. Maybe it was of lovers, who enjoyed it’s peace and serenity, creating memories to share with those to come. Or of those who were parted by destiny, yet met here to maintain their promises, or of those who revisited in remembrance of lost lovers.The secrets it withholds shall be tied within its ageing beauty, as the old marks fade, the new emerge.

    The secrets shall remain undisclosed, the mysteries unwritten, the abandoned scape still echoes the laughter and whispers of those who have gone …

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