Quote Monday

When I started this blog, I wanted to have a clear focus as to what I wanted it to be.  I wanted to share my journey towards becoming a professional writer, I wanted to help other writers find inspiration and useful advice, and I wanted to share a few of the things I get excited about…you know, my geek side.

I did not want this to be a platform to share political, societal, or religious ideology.  I may be frustrated at the state of things, but I always want this to be a place for creatives to escape to, so to speak, a place of positivity and encouragement for the creative path we have been called to follow.

As writers, we hold a great deal of power, and it is with that voice we can do great things!  Use them wisely. 😉

*It is in light of everything, events in my own life and those surrounding us (and in spite of my earlier comments), that this rang true:


I wish you all the very best in both your “real” life and creative one.

xx, Rach

*Updated multiple times because, despite being a writer, I could not find the right words to express my feelings correctly…


2 thoughts on “Quote Monday

    • I am thrilled beyond words that this spoke to you. As you can tell, I’m fond of quotes, and I generally use Quote Monday to find one that helps me in my own trying times. I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling, but if you ever need an encouraging word, you know where to find me! Keep your chin up!

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