Writing Prompt #88

I’m a romantic at heart.  Despite what I may say randomly in other posts, I do love a happy ending, and it’s a big part of what I write.  There’s enough negative in the world.  Not wishing my stories to only be filled with fluff, there’s usually something else going on.

My Dragon Age fanfic, on the other hand, is pure fluff.  It didn’t start off that way, but because I’m having so much fun writing it, it gets the “I can do whatever I want” treatment.  And I’ve been writing a lot of it lately, so I sort of giggled when I saw this, and decided it’s the perfect Prompt to help me escape my current state of mind:


What do you think?  Feel inspired to join me in this week’s challenge?

Happy Writing!


6 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #88

  1. I’ve never written fanfiction before, though I’ve been sorely tempted!
    Not having to set up worlds and characters and being able to mess with other pieces stuff seems fun.
    Although, whenever I read it, it seems like all the best themes and ideas are way overdone (and usually poorly written).

    Would you happen to have a link to your fanfic? I would like to take a look 🙂

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    • Under “Scribbles” on my page, you can read what I’ve written so far. This is my first attempt at writing fanfiction, and it all started with a writing prompt of some Dragon Age concept art I shared a while ago. Now I just do it for fun, and for escape. 😉

      You’re right, I’ve read some great stuff, but some not so great stuff too, but I don’t think anyone takes it too seriously. If there’s a story you like, you should give it a try! I think it’s a great exercise for writing in another style, without the pressure of it being “your” work, if that makes sense. I wish you all the best if you decide to try. Which fandom did you want to explore?

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      • Code Geass most likely. Otherwise I’m a big fan of space opera crossovers – something like halo x mass effect, but probably nothing so overdone.
        It’s the type of writing I really enjoy. Politics mashed with lots of conflict, but on a worldwide (or galaxy wide) scale. I doubt I’d be good at it, but I don’t think people read fanfiction for the quality of it. Indeed, the popular fictions appear to be the ones with the most interesting plots.

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      • I’m still new to anime, so I haven’t seen Code Geass yet, but I like the look of it. Crossover stuff is great when it’s done right and I’ve read a few interesting ones. I’m a big fan of the Mass Effect series, so that could be fun!

        I never intended to write so much. Like I said, I shared a prompt and ended up writing nearly 7,000 words. I had some more ideas and kept on writing. Now I’m excited to continue it and see where it leads. Writing is writing – I believe each effort helps us grow as writers. Whatever you choose, I wish you all the best!

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      • Well…if you’re new to anime I have several recommendations for you! Code Geass I think is one of the highest rated animes of all time. So get on it 😛
        Code Geass
        Stein’s Gate (I’m pretty sure this is the actual number 1 anime)
        Clannad (top 10 according to animenetwork)
        Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (top 10 animenetwork)
        Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (top 10 anime network)

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