Miss Jean Louis

MJLThere are a number of rumors circulating about the elusive Miss Jean Louis, and as we all know, rumors are generally based in fact.

There are also a number of questions in regards to her true nature and why she has taken on the the monumental task of babysitting Misha Collins.

To tell this tale, like any good story, we must start at the beginning…

Miss Jean Louis was born on July 28, 1887, and the fascinating thing about this date is that according to records, nothing of significance happened on this day.  Nothing at all, except for the seemingly innocent birth of this soon to be revered woman.

A confident, independent, and adventurous spirit, Miss Jean Louis soon bored of the tedium of “regular” life and dedicated herself to finding someone else in the world who could see it as she did.  She needed a partner in crime, so to speak, and so she set off on what can only be described as an odyssey in the vein of Homer.

She would have to wait many years, more than she imagined, for the stars to align and bring about the birth of a similarly minded individual.  In that time, she would experience a full life, one of which most people would not believe, nor could be discussed in polite society.  What she did not know, could not know, was what was in store for her by seeking out such a kindred spirit.

MishaSockMonkeyInstead of finding someone with whom she could share a life designed to keep the mundane at bay, she found a cyclone encapsulated in human form, one that needed structure and oversight.  Not one to give up, no matter the odds, Miss Jean Louis decided to help her newfound ally.  She would guide him, and offer him her sage wisdom of a life well lived, knowing that eventually, together, they would do great things.

History will remember them fondly, for if they do not, Miss Jean Louis will be there with an encouraging word to ensure it.


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