Writing Tip Tuesday #9

Happy Writing Tip Tuesday, all!

So this week I was finally able to get caught up on emails, and I came across an interesting article that I thought my fellow screenwriters might appreciate – industry vocabulary.

Like all language, industry-specific verbiage also evolves, and unless we’re a part of said industry, we may not be familiar with all the current terminology, enter Lee Jessup’s Industry Speak: Terms and Vernacular for Screenwriters.

As you write, read the trades and related articles, and/or listen to podcasts, etc. you’ll come across a number of these phrases, but there are a few that are tailored to specific situations, so while I was initially skimming the article, because I was already acquainted with so many of them, I saw a few that stumped me.

Sooo, let’s get crackin’ on that professional side and boost our knowledge of the tv/film industry.

Have you read an article that shares others terms we should know? Please link below and Happy Writing!


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