Writing Prompt Challenge Accepted #7

The world is a mess, and the nice thing about being a writer is that we can seek refuge in our work.  We can right the wrongs, we can create better worlds, and hopefully in the end, help others in some small way.

That’s not to say that’s what I’m doing here today…I merely escaped.

I haven’t written a whole lot the last couple of weeks, GISHWHES and stress were big deterrents, so I’m just getting back into my groove.  I’m not sure how much I love the flash fictions I wrote last night, but sometimes you’ve gotta take a little bad with the good.

For the first image I had two distinct ideas, so I decided to explore them both.

ShanghaiWomanShanghai, 1939

War was imminent. The lifestyle she had become accustomed to would soon cease to exist. That didn’t frighten her as much as losing the man that sat across from her now. As she took in the appearance of her English lover, her eyes softened, and she became lost in thought. She wondered what would become of them as the orangey glow of her cigarette continued to burn and draw closer to her fingers. She felt the warmth grow, but she ignored it as she reached out her other hand to rest it upon his. It was a small gesture, but one that seemed to reassure them both.

Shanghai, 1939

Wei was a natural at deception. She had born to a hard life, but she could easily fall into the role of a proper lady or a courtesan depending on what the mission called for. A nice dress and a little makeup were all the disguise she required to obtain whatever she needed, be it access or information. She wasn’t one to ever be considered a threat, and she used that to her advantage. Her current target was completely taken with her, and as she sat there demurely, steeling herself against his longing gaze, she wondered how much longer she would have bear the leers and wandering hands of those in her agency’s sights. She held her right hand up, letting the lit cigarette burn as the signal to her fellow operatives that the target was ready for removal. She kept her eyes level and smiled to herself that he would never know what hit him.

UnderTheGreatTreeThe Trials

The Greenlee family had been the guardians of the final trial for five generations. It was very much a part of who they were. They tended to the stalk, cared for it, and aided the warriors who came from great distances to tackle it as part of their final test. It was dangerous, it took preparation, and those lucky enough to survive could count themselves amongst the most honored. When the eldest Greenlee daughter saw the knight and his horse coming over the horizon, her heart fluttered and sank. It was his time to take on the trials, and if they were both very lucky, their lives would never be the same.

And lastly, I thought I’d share a little of the new chapter of the Dragon Age fanfic I’ve been working on, but it was just a little too long, so I’ll save it for another day.

Happy Friday, and be well my friends!

*Quick edit, and total blonde moment, I accidentally called the first piece Singapore it’s supposed to be Shanghai.  Oops.


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