Writing Prompt Challenge Accepted #22

Yes, the slacker has returned. 😉 And she finally took up the challenge.  If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, take a look at Chapter 4 of the Dragon Age fanfic under “Scribbles”.  This goes back to my last post about writers and their OCDs.  It’s a problem (and there’s still more to come).

These were written late last night in an effort to write, well, anything else.  I call them flash fiction – no prep, quick, with little editing – stream of consciousness style.  
Something Dumb

Bad Idea

Help, I did something dumb.”

We all stared at her – various parts of her body were bandaged in a makeshift manner, there was a faint smell of burnt hair, and the lights from the room behind her flickered to an indiscriminate beat.

“All you had to do was keep watch.” The captain was flabbergasted.

“I was forced to get creative.”

Water quickly pooled at our feet, and continued to rise. There was a groan of metal and we all looked at one another worried.

“I said it was dumb.”

We lurched sideways.

“Will it at least work?” The captain asked gravely.

“I suppose we’ll soon find out.”

That was not reassuring.


She hadn’t set foot in the temple in a hundred years. It was both strange and familiar. Little had changed over the millennia, although it was beginning to show signs of age. She twirled the gray streak in her hair fondly with one hand as she gingerly let her other hand rest on one of the columns.

They had endured.

She began to hum a haunting melody; the sound filled the empty space. As the song swelled, her body moved in fluid rhythm until she positioned herself under the great rotunda and twinkling golden light shone down upon her. She had come to pay her respects, as she had done countless times before, and they in turn offered her their blessing.

Despite how she had witnessed the outside world change, this ritual allowed her to remember how it all began.

auroraThe Hereafter

I knew I was dreaming. I always dreamt of him – the faceless man my heart knew.

I wore the same gown, we walked the same path…it was always the same.

I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream.

I found happiness in this place, but always felt a cold bitterness at its loss.

And I know it’s true that visions are seldom all they seem…

We always chased the fading sunlight, but today it seemed to grow brighter.

I shielded my eyes and saw a haloed figure.

That look in your eyes is so familiar…

I suddenly felt a warm breeze upon my face, a warm hand in my own.

A faceless man was helping me up.

You’ll love me at once…

“The way you did once.” He started.

“Upon a dream.” I finished.


It’s never too late to join in the Writing Prompt fun!  If you’ve been inspired, please share!  Happy Writing!


Writing Prompt #100

On Wednesdays, I like to share images or phrases that hopefully inspire you to create something new or, by some chance, add to a work of yours in progress.  Sometimes I look for something that speaks to me in regards to what I’m working on, but the purpose of the the prompts are to help us break from routine.

I write flash fiction pieces from them, but my Dragon Age fanfiction “problem” began with a writing prompt as well, so be forewarned that I take no responsibility for what path these may lead you on. 😉  Create at your own risk.


Happy Writing!


Writing Prompt Challenge Accepted #20

I try to take advantage of the down time I get at work, which, if you’ve read my fan fiction, you’ll know is a great deal.  Even on a Friday night, I found myself with enough time to write three flash fiction pieces.

*Don’t forget, if you’re ever inspired by the Writing Prompts, let me know so I can share your creations here as well.

The first prompt was meant to deter me from writing more romantic fanfic, it really is a problem, one I find myself happy to indulge, but instead it gave me an idea for a scene.  Fairly soon, some version of it will find its way there. 😉


Fort Drakon

I wasn’t certain what had startled me awake – the unsettling sounds coming from the dark, the throbbing of my head, or the deep chill upon my skin.  I awoke to find myself in Alistair’s protective embrace, on the cold stone floor of a prison cell, in nothing but my small clothes.  Looking up to his face, past the bare expanse of his chest, I said teasingly, “It’s a shame we are unable to take advantage of this privacy, given our situation is so dire.”

He laughed in spite of himself, and responded with a wink, “Yes, unfortunately, this is no time for romance.”


The Display

The advert had promised “sights not to be missed,” and the showing had not disappointed, but there was another advert, one meant to be understood only by the one it was intended for.  She had read it and arrived early to ensure she would not be taken by surprise.  There was nothing about her that would give her away as anything but a proper Victorian lady, but for the one who waited for her across the gallery, she was as deadly as she was well dressed.


Space:PortalOversight Committee

After watching the birth of yet another system, they were surprised to find that it still gave them chills.  There was nothing quite like the explosion of color and the dazzling display of light.  Knowing that life would soon be springing forth made them each excited for different reasons.  The demon’s smile was smug with all the temptations waiting to be explored.  The angel nudged the other knowing that after countless millennia, nothing had changed.

Happy Writing!

Writing Prompt Challenge Accepted #19

If you’ve been thinking about joining in the Writing Prompt fun, don’t be shy.  Jump in and join us!

I’ve been focused on my pilot and fanfic for the past few weeks, keeping to the schedule I set for myself, but I decided to stop lollygagging and write some flash fiction as well this week.

A new follower, Rinnah of Rinnah’s Place, decided to join me last week in the challenge and I am pleased to share her lovely words.


I Let Them In

I let them in, all these people now trampling over my emotions; it was I who let them in, so I can’t blame anyone. Or can I?

They said they wanted to come in or did they?

Well, at least they asked me how I was doing. And I answered them.

You see, up till now, I had perfected the art of politeness and only engaging in superficial dialogue. It seemed to serve me and the world around me well.

I would only tell people for example that I wasn’t feeling too well when they asked me where I had been for the past couple of days. I wouldn’t tell them that my blood sugar had shot to insane levels, and I’d started to feel sick and be sick; that I had developed all the symptoms of a flu without the cold and had passed out in the hospital reception when I went to see the doctor; I wouldn’t tell them that the doctor had told me I had developed diabetic ketoacidosis and warned me to stop risking my life by not taking my insulin shots while gorging myself on sugary foods.

I would say that I had a touch of the flu and decided to rest it out. It was better than trying to explain. Moreover, it wouldn’t be letting them in.

I would only smile and say, “it’s a good day after all” when they asked me why I was so excited. I wouldn’t tell them that I had won the first prize in the competition I felt I had no chance at; I wouldn’t tell them that I could now afford to pay the deposit for a house; I wouldn’t tell them that to my knowledge no one in my family had ever owned their own house. I wouldn’t tell them I had broken the jinx.

Last week I told one of them something. By the water cooler, I let out a truth close to my heart, and today I heard two near-strangers talking about matters that came from the depths of my being.

They asked me how I was doing and for once, for some reason, I decided I would tell them.

I did, and this is what I get: My innermost thoughts splashed across the invisible pages of the office tabloids.

Thank you again, Rinnah!


I should call these stream of consciousness fics as I don’t think them through and I hardly edit.  This is one of the only times I don’t stress over every word.  It’s nice.

UnderTheSeaPlay Time

I had heard their gentle knocking for some time, but the warmth of my bed continued to lull me into that semi-conscious state of euphoric bliss. There was no knowing if five minutes had passed or five hours. I danced a fine line between the dream world and the waking one, wishing there was something more to be found there. I couldn’t grasp the thread of the pleasant dream that I had been reluctant to leave, but with the sunbeams rippling in strange patterns about my room, I knew I could no longer ignore the beginnings of a new day.

I opened the window to find my friends in a spirited mood, swimming to and fro, talking in excited tones. Something was happening beyond our peaceful shoal, and they were eager for me to join them.

My Way (HoodedFigure)The Long Walk

She had always loved the early morning; the mist that hung heavy in the air, the silence that lingered while the world still slept. Fall was upon them.  The leaves had turned their lovely shade of red and had fallen from the trees in pools of rosy splendor. She would purposefully walk amidst them just to hear the soft crunch beneath her feet. She generally awoke before everyone else – it was her time to enjoy her land, her time to enjoy the little things that most people took for granted.

Today was unlike most days. Today she walked with purpose, without paying much attention to those things that usually brought her joy. The mist went unnoticed, the silence, unheard, the crunch of the fallen leaves, ignored. Only the rhythmic beat of her heart, which had a unique sound of its own, was what she heard this morning as she walked the path of the sacrificial lamb.


One Small Step…

“Short? Short?” He exclaimed out of breath.

“I thought so.” The other replied nonchalantly.

“By no means was that a short jump. Look at my legs. You thought I could clear it?”

“You did.”


“C’mon. Just one more.”

“Tell me the truth. What’s it look like?”

The other one looked over the ledge that stood between them and their exit. “It’s just a short jump.” He smirked.

“I hate you.”

TheGirlinRedThe Fourth

In the final days it was said that the horsemen would ride across the earth, bringing with them the scourges that would rid the world of the unworthy. What they didn’t say, or perhaps didn’t know, was that they were already living among us. A delusional state to be in, to be sure. How could one, otherwise, account for the degree of Pestilence, Famine, and War?

The stories had been altered over time, of course – human nature’s vanity changing details to suit their own purposes. It was their way of putting those seen as their subordinates in place, among so many other fallacies declared on the Maker’s behalf. So it was no wonder they were so taken aback when Death finally made her appearance. The unavoidable. The last truth. She stood at the center of her storm, admiring her work, without having placed her hand upon her blade.


Happy Writing, my friends!

Writing Prompt #87

I need to get back to writing some flash fiction myself.  So if you think it’s too late to write a piece based on something you’ve seen here before…think again.

Come write with me!

Here’s this week’s Writing Prompt:


I look forward to seeing your creations!

Happy Writing!

Writing Prompt Challenge Accepted #18

First off, I am thrilled to share the work of simplysimplymeblog, who accepted the Writing Prompt Challenge.

Remember, any time you’re inspired, please share what you create.  You can either post it here in the comments, or on your own page, just be sure to link the post or my site so I know it’s out there. 🙂

YellowBrickRoadA scenery so beautiful, that has become lost over time, it hides many stories of those who walked it’s path. Maybe it was of lovers, who enjoyed it’s peace and serenity, creating memories to share with those to come. Or of those who were parted by destiny, yet met here to maintain their promises, or of those who revisited in remembrance of lost lovers. The secrets it withholds shall be tied within its ageing beauty, as the old marks fade, the new emerge.

The secrets shall remain undisclosed, the mysteries unwritten, the abandoned scape still echoes the laughter and whispers of those who have gone …


Thank you again, Sobia for sharing your words!

I only wrote one flash fiction piece this week, because as I stated in a recent post, I was trying to make the deadline I set for myself for the rewrite of my pilot.  I almost made it.


The Chase

He knew from the moment they had met that he would eventually find himself here – standing in a cell the other had once occupied. They had been playing a game of cat and mouse for years, years beyond comprehension, so it was no wonder one of them had eventually found themselves in such a place. He had lost track of the other sometime in the Victorian era, this must have been where he disappeared. There had been rumor of the man who did not age; he was the inspiration for a number of myths and tales, because he had the unlucky fortune of being caught. It was discovering the source of those stories that had brought him here.

The world continued to move forward, yet this place held the remnants of the world it had once been a part of. It still smelled and felt like it had hundreds of years ago, when it was new. He stood in the center of it, feeling the warmth of the setting sun streaming in upon his face, and smiled to himself. There in the stone, a set of markings had been painstakingly carved. The game was on, again.


I’d also like to share a little snippet of the fanfic I wrote the other day at work.  It’s a WIP.  It hasn’t been edited or rewritten yet, so please forgive any errors.  For those of you unfamiliar with this topic, I am not exaggerating, nor am I ashamed/embarrassed to admit, when I say, “I am obsessed with (the video game series) Dragon Age.”  One slow day at work, I just randomly started writing fan fiction.  30,000+ words later…yeah.  It’s one of my goals to write for the series, in any shape or form.  Just putting that out there.

If you’re interested in reading what I’ve written so far, chapters one and two are available under the “Scribbles” heading.  There’s some adult content in chapter 2, so you’ll have to click a link to a site that confirms you’re of age. 😉  It was my first attempt at writing, oh, let’s call it what it is, smut.  It was so much fun!  Don’t worry, the following is smut free.

DA2WardenMageTo be a mage was to be a bit of a show off. While we cast spells, we are alight with magic. We flash with a rainbow of colors, imbued with powers from the Fade. We twirl our staves in a great display. For any mage, their staff is an extension of themselves. It helps to focus our hits, it directs with greater accuracy, but it also needs to bear quite a burden. I knew with each passing fight, I was not only developing new skills, but I was also capable of more than I had been before.

I was stronger and my mana drained at a lesser rate than it had even a few weeks earlier. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I outgrew my current staff, but while in the Temple of Sacred Ashes nearly overwhelmed by heretics and creatures of every variety, I cringed upon hearing a sound every mage must dismay at hearing.

I twirled, casting spell after spell, some deadlier than others, when I felt my staff shudder, and in the strange silence that follows any flurry of spellcasting, the inevitable groan of the staff splintering under its current burden. I cringed. Many of the senior mages in the Circle still had the same staff they passed their Harrowing with. As I was quickly learning with my ever-expanding cache of spells, I wouldn’t be so lucky.

As we had finally found a moment’s reprieve, I sat in silence, despondent at the state of what I regarded as an ally, or an old friend. We had been through quite a bit together, and I would be sad to put her to rest.  I gently traced my fingertips along the fragmented edge, thinking back on the journey we had undertaken so far, and how we had arrived at such a strange place, a hidden temple, a ruin.


*A special thank you to rooster82 at DeviantArt for the stunning mage Warden, Devene Amell.

Writing Prompt Challenge Accepted #16

When I decide to take on a writing prompt challenge, I generally don’t put too much thought into what I’m going to write.  I use this time to free write, you know, that stream of consciousness style writing.  When I’m working on a screenplay I agonize over every word I put on the page and this exercise allows me the freedom to just write.

They are what they are – flash fiction.

Don’t forget that I enjoy reading the words you write too based on the inspiration you find here, so share away!

ForestGreat Mother

It was said there was a tree as old as the world itself. Traveling in the shadow of the great tree that stood before me, it was easy to believe that such an idea could be possible. This tree stood out from all the others around it. Suppose this was the mother of all trees? Her roots were thick and entrenched in the earth, and it created mounds of emerald green to dot the landscape around her. Her base had grown straight for years before bending to search for the light; her branches were many and had long been reaching for the sun.

It was the kind of tree you would seek shelter in. It was the kind of tree that offered a weary traveler refuge. It was the kind of tree that the wildlings must revere, and therefore, so must I. The eerie silence and the responsive nature of the earth beneath my feet let me know that I was indeed in a place of reverence. I did my best to avoid digging my walking stick into her soil, not wishing to leave my mark, although I did lean upon it and stare up at her in wonder.



First there was a lurch that made everyone grasp for something to hold on to. Then the lights flickered and screams echoed. Finally, the engines roared as they tried to compensate. I never heard the fighting outside. The ship was like a floating planet. It took a day’s journey to travel from one side of the ship to the other. It was rare to see a crewman from another level. I had never even seen the captain in my 10 years of service. I hadn’t seen much of anything beyond the metallic walls of my level.

We were rarely given shore leave, because a ship of this size did not have many a port to come into. There were also many components to be aware of in order to keep her running smoothly, and that is why I found the current situation so bewildering. There must be an explanation for why we were turning on our side? The walls moaned as they buckled under the pressure and the loss of velocity. It would take a number of failures to cause such a chain of events.

As I sat outside on the frozen planet, the rebel fleet overhead, I found myself overcome with grief as I stared at the state of her.  She would never fly again.


The final WP is the Dragon Age related one I shared for my birthday.  It’s a wonderful image for my fan fiction.  I really wanted to write something for this, and although I haven’t completed that story, I wanted to play with an idea, so bear with me, as it might show up again later. 🙂

Also, it became so much longer than I anticipated, but as I’ve learned with these characters, I have lots to say.  This is just a random snippet of what I actually wrote.


All of Thedas knew the outcome of the battle in Denerim, and yet the fates of the Grey Wardens who slayed the beast were still unknown. Cullen’s stomach had been in knots for months since he had learned that the only way to defeat the archdemon was the sacrifice of a Grey Warden’s life. He knew she would do it. She would not hesitate. And he had hated himself for leaving her side.

What a fool he had been to think that he would better serve the Maker across the Waking Sea than with her. He was a warrior and he should have at least fought with her to ensure her victory, instead of running away with his tail tucked between his legs. He was no lion. He was a pup.

There had been no word, and he wallowed in his grief, often finding himself at the Chantry’s doors without even realizing it. He prayed to Andraste for comfort, for forgiveness, for closure – for surely she must have perished. He trained harder than ever, hoping to exhaust himself with the release of the anger that seared his flesh. He wanted to fall into his bed each night without a trace of energy or thought in the hopes of dreamless sleep. He did not want dreams filled with images of her. Sometimes he saw her limp body twisted beneath the talons of a dragon, while other times he saw her smiling sweetly up at him while twisting her fingers in the curls at the nape of his neck. It did not matter the image, for each time he woke up drenched in sweat, terrified that he’d never see her again.

He hadn’t realized how much he cared for her until the moment he heard that the Blight was ended and the bitter taste that filled his mouth had nearly choked him.

And then there was light – a letter.

As he walked with hopeful purpose through the city, he caught the sunlight glint off unfamiliar armor. Cullen’s knees buckled under the weight of his relief. Her eyes swam with unshed tears despite the bright smile that lit up her face. “I wanted to surprise you.”

He barely heard the words because in the next instant he was taking desperate strides across the courtyard, ignoring the curious and strange glances of the onlookers. She followed suit, but her lithe body, not burdened by the weight of heavy armor, allowed her to run into his arms. He crushed her to him.

“I feared the worst.” He whispered harshly, the emotions stirring in him walking a sharp edge. He had been staring into a dark abyss for far too long.

She looked sad then, realizing that he had been mourning her until this moment.  “Oh, Cullen. I am so sorry…”

There was nothing else to be said. She had survived. She was in his arms, alive and well and he didn’t care how it had happened. He would forgive her anything; even a pact with a demon, if it meant that she could be here, now.

Their kiss was desperate. Their relationship would always be complicated, for although she had given her heart to another, she found there was still room in it for her lion.


Happy Writing, my friends!

The Best of Writing Prompts (#57)

I was thinking that when I reached a grand number I would do a sort of “best of”.  Instead of waiting for the distant future, let’s do it today!

I have chosen a few of my favorite images from the past 56 for you to choose from, and hopefully you will be inspired to write something and share it here, or use it towards your own work.

AncientDoorway    ForgottenArchway      ShanghaiWoman   NatureOverrunFantasyCastle     Exploring  Mermaidw:Man

Happy Writing!

Writing Prompt Challenge Accepted #13 and It’s My Anniversary

Happy-AnniversaryIn addition to finally doing some writing, I’m also celebrating an anniversary, according to WordPress.  I’ve been blogging (on and off) for two years!  I can’t believe I got off my buttocks and started this blog two years ago…?!?!  Wow.  How the time has flown.  Thank you so much for your support, my friends!

And now on to the WPC…

I had a very specific idea when I posted the image of Venice on Wednesday. Honestly, I don’t know where it came from.  Actually, I could probably guess – smutty fanfiction and one of my favorite films, Dangerous Beauty.  I decided to go a different route, as it was a bit NSFW and not generally what I write.  Venice was once known for its courtesans, and I planned to write something in regards to that.  Maybe I still will.  As for the angel, I sort of had an idea for that too right off the bat, but this one I didn’t fight.  I hope you like them, and if you’d like to share how you were inspired, please link your work in the comments, and I’ll be sure to share it on my page as well.



She woke up to the golden dawn gently rolling through the window, setting everything on fire in its warm glow. With the morning came the realization, the reminder of the previous night. The faintest hint of a satisfied smile crept to the corners of her mouth that she tried to bite back. She stretched languidly, her bare flesh exposed to the golden glow; her peaks and valleys casting shadows on the figure beside her.

Sliding from the inviting warmth of the bed, her impression lingering, she moves silently to the window to take in the view. It’s almost as if she’s seeing it for the first time, it’s slightly different. Maybe it’s the early morning light…maybe it’s her frame of mind. She’d never thought to be satisfied with one person, to find happiness by saying two little words and gaining the world with a new one. She turned to take in the full form of her lover tangled in the sheets, a blush spreading from head to toe, and not from the warmth of the rising sun.


The Fall

I had fallen hard. Through a roof of a suburban house. Four bedrooms, two and a half baths. It was sort of charming except for the fact that it looked just like every other one on the street. Everything hurt. I hadn’t experienced pain like this in a millennia. Not since the Great Battle of ’02, B.C. The light flicked on behind a closed door at the end of the hall, and the sliver of light grew wider with its opening. A small child holding her cat appeared in the doorway with large eyes.  On a second look, no, not a cat.

I walked towards her, hoping to assuage her fears when I had to catch myself from sliding on the hardwood. Looking down, I discovered what had cushioned my fall. Despite my entire existence as a warrior, a vessel of reckoning, I grimaced at the sight. An involuntary shudder caused the loss of a few feathers, heavy in a blood not my own, nor the demon I had been fighting. Kneeling down, I reassured the small human that all would be well. In an instant, I restored all to right. The young woman had her life returned to her, and the memory of the angel in the hallway would be nothing but a bad dream.

Happy writing and have a great week!

Writing Prompt Challenge Accepted #12

Finally…I did some writing!  Yay me. :/

The following are my flash fiction pieces for the Writing Prompt Challenge I offer each week.  As with most things lately, I’m a bit behind.  I try to write these in under 30 minutes and with less than 200 words.   I do very little editing, just whatever my mind decides upon.  Don’t forget, if you’ve been inspired by any of the Writing Prompts, please do share!

LostTempleThe Temple

They thought she was crazy. They said it could never be found, but as she felt the cool draft rush past her as she took each step further down into the darkness, her torch casting deep shadows, she knew they had been fools to doubt her. Even her own family had thought her mad, and she had been forced to make this journey alone, but now none of that mattered. Streaks of light tried their best to break through layers of dirt and ages of disuse. It was a wonder no one had been able to find this place from above; the mountains had shielded it well.

A series of whooshing sounds filled the void and bright orange light burned brighter with each flourish. She took sure steps into the light, avoiding toppled and loose stones. Great arched walkways all converged around a center object. She moved closer to the edge, her torch held high in one hand, a grappling hook in the other, and peered down upon the head of a statue several stories tall. As she did, the ceremonial plate it held roared to life, as did the smaller ones placed around its feet. She felt special, chosen, and held her breath in delight.

TheLIbraryThe Library

She was now The Keeper of The Library; the magical place of knowledge that people traipsed across the wasteland to visit. It was a legacy she was proud to be a part of, even if no one in her family knew how it had actually come into being. They only knew that one of their ancestors had designed the building to house all the great volumes of the world in one place to ensure that no story was ever lost. The books would just appear and the library would grow each passing year to accommodate the progress. Magic had long been absent from the land, but as she stood in the center of the tower, feeling alone, the pages of a fallen volume stirred at her feet and it somehow brought her comfort. She wasn’t truly alone; some of her favorite people lived within the pages here, and she was now their Keeper.

LockBridgeLovers Bridge

He walked slowly along the bridge, counting the light posts as he went. One, two, three, four – fourth on the right from the Louvre. When they had first added their lock, it had been only one of a handful along the whole length of the bridge. Now the fencing bowed under their weight. He smiled fondly in recollection and at the show of love present before him, but at the same time, felt that now familiar pang of sadness at the thought of her. He had to wonder how many of the other lovers that had once professed their devotion now found themselves in a similar situation. Lost love. He knelt down before the array of metal clasps and nudged a few aside to find his own promise amidst the others. He touched it gently, remembering the glow of her skin in the lamplight, the tug of her lips as she breathlessly laughed at the idea of it all, and the way she smiled after he kissed her. Standing once again to look into the Seine, he wasn’t sure if he should take the next step and join her in peace. Lovers entwined just as these locks…bound together forever?

Wishing you all the best!