Quote of the Week

As writers, and creatives, in general, we tend to overthink every. little. thing.  We can create an entire novel or screenplay in our minds, so it’s no wonder that we are capable of making great leaps with just a tidbit of information.

We see the world differently, and that’s a good thing.  We also tend to be extremely hard on ourselves.  Nothing is ever good enough; not us, not our work.

This is simply not true.

Don't Believe

We, each, have a voice and we have chosen this difficult path because of the passion we have for storytelling.  Yes, everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone can write a compelling tale.  How many times have you said you’re a writer and been met with the “I have a story for you” response?  I’ve had people call me out of the blue to ask if I’d be up for writing their life story.

First of all, that’s not my genre.  If we were actually friends, you’d probably know that.  I’m good, by the way, mind overflowing with characters and backdrops, but thanks for thinking of me…?

How about you keep that story for your next cocktail party.

I believe being a writer is a calling.  If you can’t give it up, then keep at it!  This is why we have to do our best to remain positive.  It’s takes a great deal of self-confidence and optimism to follow such a dream, so when that little voice in the back of your mind starts to get a bit mouthy, remember this quote, and keep working until you silence it.

Happy Writing!



4 thoughts on “Quote of the Week

  1. “We, each, have a voice and we have chosen this difficult path because of the passion we have for storytelling.” I love this line.

    You are so right. Writing a story (or re-creating the world as you see it/experience it/dream it to be) is like wearing your heart on your sleeve. People can prod at it, laugh at it, scoff at it. But they can also be moved to tears, have their eyes opened wide or change their perspective.

    Writing is, like any art, an attempt to capture the world as it is or could be or should be. And do it in a way that compels others to come along for the ride.

    Great post!

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