Quote Monday

A fellow Bang2Write-r shared this quote today on Facebook and I was immediately struck by it.  If you’re not familiar with Lucy V. Hay’s site, give it a look.  She offers a lot of tips and insight for writers.


Sound advice.  Happy Monday!

Quote Monday

Sometimes our goals are a bit overwhelming, and fear keeps us stationary.  Nothing worth having ever comes easy, so hopefully this week’s quote will inspire you to be brave.


Happy Writing!

Quote Monday

Everyone’s posting year end reviews and goal updates, and even as I, myself, am doing some reflection, if you’ve followed me for a while, you know I don’t like resolutions, one can’t help but look back on what’s been accomplished in the course of a year.  It’s also the end of a decade, so there’s even more to think on.

While the beginning of a new year is a great jumping off point, you can start something new or achieve a goal at any time.

Start where you are quote

I’m sure I’ve used this quote before, but as The Sis and I begin to prepare for a new journey, this quote seemed rather apropos.

Happy Monday!