I Need Your Help!

P&LOn May 1st, The Sis and I celebrated the third anniversary of bringing home our furkids.

Without a doubt, they are two of the biggest sources of joy for both of us, and have come to mean the world to us.  They are so sweet, so funny, so spunky, and so loving.

This has not changed, except in how they started treating one another.

Last week, Loki was a little under the weather. That suddenly turned into aggressive behavior towards his sister, Phoebe.

They still play with one another, snuggle up next to one another while they sleep, and still exhibit happiness when they see each other, even if only separated for a few minutes, but then out of nowhere…Loki’s ears go back, there’s a low grumble, and then – attack!

It’s like Wild Kingdom, which I have often joked about when they rough house because they stand on their hind legs and paw at the other with their front legs while they motion at the other with their mouths open.  There’s never any biting, and that is still the case, except now they sound vicious.

Phoebe’s confused at why he’s suddenly an ass and tries to check on him, but he’s not having it.  They can go hours without incident, and then it’s like a switch has been flicked.

And there’s no indication of what has brought on this sudden change.  At first we thought it was the illness. Now that they’re three and seemingly going through puberty (Loki finally got hair on his chest), although they have been fixed, maybe it’s hormones?

A trip to the vet offered no insight, and now we’re reaching out to a behaviorist.

Have any of you had to deal with such a random change in your dog’s behavior?  What steps did you take?

The stress on us (and them) is difficult, and any help would be greatly appreciated!  If you know anyone, please share this with them or them with me!

Thank you, my friends!

Writing Prompt #49

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  It’s Writing Prompt Day!

I was searching periodically through the day for something unique, but nothing really struck me until I saw this.

Photographer: Derry Moore (please credit) Public Relations & Marketing, the Royal Collection: 020-7839 1377

Photographer: Derry Moore 

As you all know by now, I have a love of all things English, so not hard to understand why I would like to find myself walking these halls (in an amazing gown).  :)  Maybe that’s my story for this week…?

Does it inspire you?  Don’t forget to share for this week’s Writing Prompt Challenge and I’ll be sure to highlight you and your fantastic work!

Happy Writing!

Quote Monday

CS-Lewis_you-are-never-too-oldNow that I’ve accomplished (some of) the goals I set for myself, I’m ready to make some new ones.  It’s the middle of May and we’re rounding that mid-year point, where I feel it’s time to do some reevaluation.  How about you?

What are your plans for the remainder of the year?

Write them all down.  Tack them up so you can see them everyday.  Large or small, each step moves you toward that bigger goal.  Keep moving forward!DreamsWrittenDownAreGoals

Helpful Tips for Screenwriters


I’m trying to get caught up on the dozens of emails I’ve been putting off and came upon the following useful advice.

In an effort to stay positive and prepare for the hopeful result from one of the contests I’ve entered,  I’m taking the timely articles as a sign.  :)  Both articles come from the helpful site (and book) Good in a Room by Stephanie Palmer.

The first is an article about questions you should be prepared to answer if you find yourself in a meeting, referred to as your Answerbank.  Just like an interview, you need to be prepared in order to continue forward.  Knowing what types of questions to be prepared for is extremely helpful for us newbies.

The second article is in regards to pitching.  Perhaps you’re in that room, things are going well, and they ask the question all screenwriters are taught to expect, “What else have you got?”  If you’ve made it this far you don’t want to blow it now, you want to be able to share your other ideas easily and seal the deal (or maybe deal number 2).  The tips come from screenwriting guru Blake Snyder who wrote the Save the Cat series.  I like his books – there’s useful advice and tips for making your story stronger.

If you’ve found some interesting, helpful advice feel free to share!

Happy Sunday!

It’s Quote Monday

GoodDaysHappy Monday, everyone!  I’ve been a little absent once again, due to a number of reasons, one being an unexpected wave of sadness last week.  I wasn’t sure if this was something I wanted to share, but this blog also acts as my journal, and the memories are bittersweet.  And who knows…maybe it will inspire someone to be brave when I was not.

I was talking about my first screenplay, Fate(s), with a coworker who asked about its inspiration.  One of the biggest influences came long after the initial concept of the story while I was living in Phoenix, AZ.

I was working in this little bistro in Scottsdale when I was literally hit by Cupid’s arrow.  A tall, dark, and handsome stranger walked in and I was struck, to my very core.  It seems like a foolish thing to say, even now, but it’s true.  I’d never felt anything like it before and I haven’t again since.

His name was Nicholas and he came in three times, but I was a wuss, and nothing ever came of it.  Nearly 10 years later and it’s still something I regret.

I’m happy on my own, mostly.  Every so often I have this pang in my chest that maybe he was “the one” and I let him get away, and that is a very unsettling feeling.  The Sis made a comment that despite my protesting, I would be happy with a man, and I retaliated with, “Not just any man”.

So I turned this angst into a predominant aspect of my screenplay when I began rewrites, and gave my couple the happily ever after they deserved – the one I’m afraid I may not get myself.  The idea of knowing someone without having met them, past lives, destiny – does it exist?

So for a couple of days these random thoughts swirled around in my head, you can imagine the variety, while my coworker suggested trying to track him down.  Yeah, that wouldn’t be weird at all…

I was eventually able to shake it off, but it’s left me wondering.

I write about it all the time, because that princess/Jane Austen side of me wants everyone to find that kind of love and that dreamy happily ever after in spite of “reality”, but what are your thoughts?

Do you believe in soul mates or love at first sight?

It’s Star Wars Day!

In lieu of Quote Monday, I am honoring one of the biggest Star Wars fans I know, The Sis, on this day.

I would like to take credit for her appreciation (I did love it first), but she long surpassed me in her devotion, and has taken it to a whole new level.  It would have been nice to have the day off and celebrate properly with a marathon, a little gaming, and themed foods such as Attack of the Scones and such, but we’ll have to settle for well wishes instead.  Maybe next year.

Happy Star Wars Day, my fellow geeks!  And May the 4th be with you! And just in case, enjoy the subsequent days.


Yes, I realize the images are all of Darth Vader, because….well, why not?! :)  Best villain ever.

Writing Prompt Challenge Accepted #11

Irene SheriThis image makes me think of the poem by Byron, “She Walks in Beauty” and I feel compelled to write a poem, which I just don’t do.  Be kind.  ;)

She walks in moonlight with gentle grace

A coy smile upon her lips

A gentle sway in her hips

She knows he watches from a distance

The heat of his stare a fire upon her skin

A pause mid-step to relish the moment

Turns into a dance of seduction

At first she plays shy, ignoring the pull

She glances at the flowers

And tosses her hair

She hears the quick footsteps of her lover drawing near

Her heart skips a beat

And she waits

The footsteps have stilled

And yet she waits

A soft breeze stirs around her and she slowly turns

An innocent gesture draws his attention

One that stirs desire

She stands in moonlight

The embodiment of his heart’s silent yearning

He takes a step forward and reaches out

To find it all a dream

The following is a little excerpt from my Dragon Age fanfic that I am hoping to continue now that contest season is drawing to a close.  I’m not sure where this section will fall in the series, perhaps it’s the opening for Chapter 2: Redcliffe…?  I had this visual of my mage taking a moment after a battle.

For those unfamiliar with what I’m doing, I posted an image of concept art some time ago as a Writing Prompt from the game, Dragon Age Origins called the Brecilian Forest.  I was frustrated with my writing at the time and took to writing some fan fiction.  I loved it!  If you are interested in reading Chapter 1, click here.  It’s written in the first person like a journal.  *The following is a rough draft sample.

My feet swayed slightly across the surface of the water, causing a small ripple effect in the otherwise perfect stillness.  I sighed deeply, trying to gather my thoughts, when I heard the familiar footsteps of the one person I was trying to escape.

Should I do as Morrigan suggested or hold out for something more?  We had barely glimpsed the possibilities and I was feeling more compelled to play the paramour the more time I considered it.  What would it be like to be flirty?  How would he even respond?  Raised in the Chantry, I can imagine he’d blush.  Being free of the Circle was definitely expanding my horizons.

A moment later he was standing beside me.

“Would you care to join me?”  I asked.  I looked up, shielding my eyes from the glaring sun, and found Alistair without his armor.

A casual Alistair was quite the sight.  After the battle, the weight of his armor must have felt heavy, and he was quick to remove it.  I wondered who had aided him.  Surely not Sten?  I laughed a little at the thought.  His tunic and wool pants hung just so, and I had to force my gaze upward.  He looked tired.

“I don’t wish to interrupt your solitude.”  He countered.

Since Ostagar, one of us would seek out the other after any battle.  I had never even thought about that until this moment.  I patted the spot beside me, and smiled as he came to sit with me.  He removed his boots, rolled up his pant legs, and dipped his toes in the water.  He shivered slightly at the cool relief.

He didn’t say anything.  Neither did I.  We just sat there, dangling our feet.  I let my mind go blank and just reveled in the moment.  We had survived yet another fight.  We were still together.  As I sat beside him, I realized that I had never had a friend like him.  Things were just different in the Circle.  Alistair, regardless of circumstance, was my friend.  One I knew I could count on like no other.  That thought brought a special smile.  After a short time, I laid back on the dock, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the silence.  He soon followed suit.

“You were marvelous this night.”  His voice sounded distant, as if he were drifting off to sleep.

I turned to look at him and let my gaze linger, knowing I was not to be discovered.  He seemed at peace.  “As were you.”

I felt his hand drift closer to mine, just enough to touch, and that small hint sent my pulse racing.  And instead of fighting every impulse, I succumbed.  I let my hand move to take his, and when I felt his fingers intertwine with mine, I finally exhaled.  Out of the corner, I saw him glance my way.  After a long moment, which equated with me building up some semblance of nerve, I turned toward him, and was caught off guard by the innocent, bright smile that greeted me.  He inched over and closed the distance and I could not but help to smile in return.

Happy Friday everyone!

Writing Prompt #47

Welcome to Writing Prompt Wednesdays!

Since I first saw this piece I’ve been wanting to share it.  There’s just something so….well, what does it inspire in you?

Irene Sheri

Don’t forget to share the product of your inspiration!  I plan on sharing a bit tomorrow, and a little from my Dragon Age fanfic that I’m still working on (it needs lots of work).

Happy Writing!

*Beginning by artist Irene Sheri.

Quote Monday

Potential-FearAs I continue to send my first script out to contests and other opportunities, I’ve felt this nagging little feeling in the recesses of my mind, a little in the depths of my stomach, this odd sense of anxiety.  So many quotes relate to overcoming fear of failure, but this is almost more related to the fear of success.  Has anyone else ever felt this?

We work for months or years on something, love it, want it to go out into the world and do great things, only to fear that it might actually do just that…how weird.

I’m not sure how people will respond to my screenplay.  It’s been a total labor of love, years in the making with a number of variations until it got where it is today.  To think that it might do well, that I may have a chance to do what I really want with my life, to be a working screenwriter is kind of a scary prospect.

But every day someone in the world is getting to live their dream, so why not me?  Why not You?

And then there’s that flip side.  The other fear if things don’t go as I hope and dream.

What if it’s not good enough?  What if I have to wait another year?  What will I have to show for all of this in the end?  What other options do I have?  Ugh.  The questions.

Maybe it’s a little of the fear of the unknown.  No matter how much we read or hear about it, until we are actually a part of the process, it’s all unknown.

IMoving Forward love writing!  I love seeing my characters come to life and make their own choices and lead the story, and regardless, I will never not write, but to never achieve some modicum of the success I would like…I don’t want to know that regret.

So as I look to the end of the week and the opportunity to send my work out to two more times, I’m smothering the fears and looking to the future.

And this is what I wish for you as well!  Don’t let any fear deter you from achieving your goal, no matter how big!

Good Luck and Best Wishes!!