Quote Monday

In light of my last post, I’m having to give myself daily pep talks in order to keep moving forward.  It’s a struggle all creatives must endure, and if you’re like me at the moment, know that you aren’t alone.


We can do this!  We can overcome our fears and achieve what we want in life, we just have to be brave!

Wishing you all the very best!

Writing Prompt #90

I am totally fascinated by this image from Bryan Olson:


A very particular idea came to mind when I saw this, and because I’ve been lackadaisical in my flash fiction writing, I’m definitely going to challenge myself to write something about this.

Will you join me?

Happy Writing!

Quote Monday

Hi everyone!  I’m back after a crazy week of Gishwhes, and a week of recovery.

I like to do a recap of the week’s events, and as you may have noticed the odd post about Miss Jean Louis, an item for this year’s hunt, it tends to get a bit weird and challenging. Because my memory is so fragmented, this blog has become a resource for me to keep track of things, so I’ll share Team Falkor’s antics later this week.

As for today, it’s time to get back to routine and progress!


In light of the creativity that abounds during Gish week, and the post I wrote just a few days before it started about how I was feeling burnt out, I am now seeking out alternative means for creativity.  I’m looking to surround myself with people who are passionate and creative, because the above quote is true.

I have found myself inspired by other’s creativity, and I think that is a wonderful side effect to the creative life.  So let’s be a creative force and make beautiful things!

Writing Prompt #89

I was at a bit of a loss as to which image to share for a Writing Prompt today.  I scrolled through hundreds of images, not finding myself drawn to any one picture in particular.

And then I saw this:


I’m not sure what exactly is drawing me to this image, but I found myself scanning the crowd…

What do you think?  Are you inspired to join me in this week’s Writing Prompt Challenge?

Happy Writing!

*Art by Craig Mullins

Quote Monday

On my days off, I had planned to write a couple of blog posts, but instead I did some cleaning, I applied for yet more jobs, started a rewrite, and did lots of reading.  Lots and lots of reading.

It was nice to give over half a day to the enjoyment of a good book.  I haven’t done that in a while.  So my apologies for a lack of interesting things this past week.  I’ll do my best to make up for it!

I saw this quote and felt it was apropos, and yet, I do not regret my time invested in reading.  It’s really research for a writer. 😉  I do sometimes find myself wasting time and energy on things I know I shouldn’t, so this is a helpful reminder:


Have a great week everyone!  Keep striving towards those goals!

Writing Prompt #88

I’m a romantic at heart.  Despite what I may say randomly in other posts, I do love a happy ending, and it’s a big part of what I write.  There’s enough negative in the world.  Not wishing my stories to only be filled with fluff, there’s usually something else going on.

My Dragon Age fanfic, on the other hand, is pure fluff.  It didn’t start off that way, but because I’m having so much fun writing it, it gets the “I can do whatever I want” treatment.  And I’ve been writing a lot of it lately, so I sort of giggled when I saw this, and decided it’s the perfect Prompt to help me escape my current state of mind:


What do you think?  Feel inspired to join me in this week’s challenge?

Happy Writing!

Writing Prompt #87

I need to get back to writing some flash fiction myself.  So if you think it’s too late to write a piece based on something you’ve seen here before…think again.

Come write with me!

Here’s this week’s Writing Prompt:


I look forward to seeing your creations!

Happy Writing!

Writing Prompt #86

While I was on hiatus, I gained some new followers.

Hi!  Welcome!  And thank you for joining me!

On Wednesdays, I like to post Writing Prompts.  I try to find images or phrases that will inspire us in our current works or help us break from routine and write something different.  Hopefully you’ll find inspiration and be willing to share what you create.

In yesterday’s post I talked about getting my portfolio together, which includes completing my sci-fi/spy screenplay, Projection.  I’ve had a lot of ideas for it, and trying to streamline them left me a little overwhelmed at one point.  As I prepare to conquer this story (Yes, I shall overcome!), I found this intriguing image:


Are you inspired?

Happy Writing!

*Image from the video game, Infamous Second Son by Sucker Punch Productions for the PS4.


Goal Review

set and reach goal concept

It’s June 21st.  Can you believe it?!

We’re about midway through another year, and it’s probably time to reexamine our goals and see what needs tweaking.

For the new year I listed four things I wanted to accomplish, let’s see where I’m at…

  • I’d like to get my screenwriting portfolio in order…finally.  This, as always, will be a work in progress, but I’ve set myself up for the next 6 months with calendars on my wall for visual goal keeping.  This, unfortunately, has been tweaked a few times already, but, I am happy to report that I’ve completed the pilot and written tons of new fan fiction* (the first three chapters are up now, if you’ve been following along, here).  I’ve made notes for the rewrites, and hopefully by the end of the year, it’ll all come together.
  • I’d like to learn to sew in order to make my first cosplay outfit.  I looked into classes, but haven’t made the effort…yet.  I still have 6 months to accomplish this. 😉
  • I’d like to travel somewhere new.  I still, yes, still haven’t found a new job.  It’s getting kind of ridiculous at this point, so vacation having will have to wait.
  • I’d like to read more.  As I shamefully admitted previously, I didn’t read a single book last year.  How did that happen?  No idea.  I accepted a challenge through Goodreads to read at least 12 books this year (a modest goal) and I’m happy to say I’m nearly done with #9.  I’m ahead of schedule!

Besides finding a new job, I wanted to lose 10 lbs. I don’t have a scale, but I fit in my clothes again, so mission accomplished!  I’ve been working out regularly for the past 6 months, something I haven’t done since my 20s, so there’s that.

All creatives learn that accomplishing our goals does not come easy, nor quickly.  We have to put in a lot of time and effort to reap any reward, but if we keep persevering, we’ll get there!

Goals are meant to be changeable and attainable, so if you accomplish even a small goal, celebrate it and keep up that momentum!  If you need to make alterations, make adjustments that best fit your schedule, but keep going.  Achievements need to be recognized to keep us sane and motivated, so if you want to do a little dance or need some words of encouragement, let me know in the comments and I’ll dance with you!

Wishing you all the very best in your endeavors!  Keep your chin up!

*You may be wondering how the fanfic works into my portfolio as a screenwriter, but for those of you who have been following me for a while now know, I want a job at Bioware! 😉

Did You Miss Me?

Hi everyone!

What a couple of weeks we’ve had, right?!  Goodness.  I hope you’re all well and working harder towards your goals than ever in light of recent events.  Yet more reminders of how fragile life is and how unexpectedly things can change in the blink of an eye.

With that in mind, I’d like to kick off this week in my traditional way – with a quote.

There’s no reason not to follow your heart towards the goal you desire most.  Whatever it is, go after it!  Ignore the naysayers, and do what makes you happy.  Make the time.  Put in the effort.  Push yourself.  Dream big!


Wishing you all the very best!

xx, Rach